Actors re-casted for different roles in Stargate series

Actors re-casted for different roles in Stargate series

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60. Nikki Smook

Stargate SG-1

Nikka in Scorched Earth (season 4)


Nictal in Birthright (season 7)


61. Aaron Pearl

Stargate SG-1

Lieutenant George Hammond in 1969 (season 2)


Major Kearney in Lockdown (season 8)


62. Leanne Adachi

Stargate SG-1

Aide in Icon (season 8)


Stargate Atlantis

Lia – Replicator in Ghost in the Machine (season 5)


Stargate Universe

Cpl. Barnes


63. Ty Olsson

Stargate SG-1

Jaffa in Point of View (season 3)


Col. Barnes in The Fourth Horseman: Part 1 (season 9)Ty_Olsson_Barnes


64. Greg Anderson

Stargate SG-1

Webber in Fail Safe (season 5)


Administrator / Ori prior (seasons 9, 10)


65. Yee Jee Tso

Stargate SG-1

Left Tech in Absolute Power (season 4)


Stargate Atlantis

Technician in Doppelganger and Adrift  (season 4)


66. Gerard Plunkett

Stargate SG-1

High Councilor Tuplo in The Broca Divide and Enigma (season 1)


Nem in Fire and Water (season 1)


67. Kimani Ray Smith

Stargate SG-1

Ocker in Allegiance (season 6)


Stargate Atlantis

Lindstrom in The Intruder (season 2)


68. Aaron Craven

Stargate SG-1

Captain Kyle Rogers in Rules of Engagement (season 3)


Matar in Line in the Sand (season 10)


Stargate Atlantis

Wraith Commander in Outsiders (season 5)


69. Adrian G. Griffiths

Stargate SG-1

Lieutenant Baker in The First Commandment (season 1)


Paul in Affinity (season 8)


Stargate SG-1: Continuum

Jaffa soldier


70. Adam Herrington

Stargate SG-1

Unnamed Goa’uld in Children of the Gods (season 1)


Khonsu in The Other Guys (season 6)


71. Andrew Airlie

Stargate SG-1

Kalan in Learning curve (season 3)

Dr. Carmichael in Avatar (season 8)

72. Gillian Barber

Stargate SG-1

Resident in The Gamekeeper (season 2)

Ambassador / First Minister Dreylock  (seasons 6-7 )

73. Sean Campbell

Stargate SG-1

Sgt. Bridges in 1969 (season 2)

Solek in Company of Thieves (season 10)

Sean Campbell as Solek in Stargate

Stargate Atlantis

Solen Sincha (seasons 2 and 5)

Sean Campbell as Solen in Stargate

74. Connor Trinneer

Stargate Atlantis

Michael Kenmore (seasons 2-5)

Connor Trinneer as Michael Kenmore

Stargate Origins

Paul Langfort (seasons 1-…)

Connor Trinneer as Paul Langford

75. Kirby Morrow

Stargate SG-1

Militia man in Cor-ai (season 1)

Kirby Morrow as militia man in Stargate SG:1

Tara’c in The Warrior (season 5)

Kirby Morrow as Tara'c in Stargate SG:1

Stargate Atlantis

Captain Dave Kleinman (seasons 2-3)

Kirby Morrow as Dave Kleinman in Stargate Atlantis

Thank you for reading and feel free to tell me who I’ve missed! 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Actors re-casted for different roles in Stargate series

  1. Alexis Cruz played Skaara in the film and in SG-1, too.
    Erick Avari also played the same role in the film and in SG-1, he was Kasuf, Sha’uri’s father.
    Do these count?

  2. Yee Jee Tso could be the same character. Bare with me:
    Absolute Power was born from Daniels mind and this character could have been a nobody in the SGC (One of Siler men that Daniel incorporated into his Mental world) that later became a part of the Atlantis Expedition. (SGC personnel already had knowledge and clearance and probably where most of the American contingent of the Expedition started at – Weir, Lorne, even McKay, was involved with the SGC before they became a part of the Expedition. Technically Kavanagh and Ford were also “unseen” SGC personnel who transferred to the Expedition)

  3. David Lovgren plays Darrell in “Bounty” and the Councilor in “Inquisition” as well as the Jaffa friend of Teal’c in his anti-brainwashing thing in Season 5.

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