Actors re-casted for different roles in Stargate series

Actors re-casted for different roles in Stargate series

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46. James Lafazanos

Stargate Atlantis

Most of male Wraiths (but Todd and that dick hunting Ronon in Sateda)


47. Andee Frizzell

Stargate Atlantis

Most (if not all) of Wraith Queens (but Teyla ;-))


48. Aaron Douglas

Stargate SG-1

Moac in Maternal Instinct (season 3)


Anubis’ Jaffa in Redemption: Part 2 (season 6)


49. Daryl Shuttleworth

Stargate SG-1

Commander Rigar in New Ground (season 3)


Commander Tegar in Cure (season 6)


50. Peter Bryant

Stargate SG-1

Fro’tak in Family (season 2)


Hoskins in Endgame (season 8)


51. G. Patrick Currie

Stargate SG-1



Eamon in Space Race (season 7)


52. Matthew Walker

Stargate SG-1, Ark of Truth

Roham in The Touchstone (season 2)


Moros / Myrrdin / Merlin in SG:1 The Quest: Part 2 (season 10), Atlantis’ Before I Sleep (season 1)

53. Johnny Cuthbert

Stargate SG-1

Agent Devlin in Smoke & Mirrors (season 6)


Stargate Atlantis

Fortnum in Irresponsible (season 3)


54. Sharon Taylor

Stargate Atlantis

Replicator gate technician on Asuras (replicator world) in Progeny (season 3)


Amelia Banks (also a gate technician, seasons 4-5)


55. Stuart O’Connell

Stargate SG-1

Marine in another reality in There But for the Grace of God (season 1)


Tommy Levinson in Seth (season 3)


56. Mark Burgess

Stargate Atlantis

Lawrence Foster (poisoned guy) in the motel in Vegas (season 5)


Stargate Universe

Dr. Jeremy Franklin


57. Peter Kelamis

Stargate SG-1

Dr. Brent Langham in Smoke and Mirrors (season 6)


Coyle Boron in Space Race (season 7)


Stargate Universe

Adam Brody


58. William MacDonald

Stargate Atlantis

Cpt. Griffin in Grace Under Pressure (season 2)


Stargate Universe

Virgil Biggs (hospital patient beaten by Greer’s father) in Lost (season 1)

59. Ben Ratner

Stargate SG-1

Dr. Hutchison in Morpheus (season 10)


TV producer in Wormhole X-Treme! (season 5)


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9 thoughts on “Actors re-casted for different roles in Stargate series

  1. Alexis Cruz played Skaara in the film and in SG-1, too.
    Erick Avari also played the same role in the film and in SG-1, he was Kasuf, Sha’uri’s father.
    Do these count?

  2. Yee Jee Tso could be the same character. Bare with me:
    Absolute Power was born from Daniels mind and this character could have been a nobody in the SGC (One of Siler men that Daniel incorporated into his Mental world) that later became a part of the Atlantis Expedition. (SGC personnel already had knowledge and clearance and probably where most of the American contingent of the Expedition started at – Weir, Lorne, even McKay, was involved with the SGC before they became a part of the Expedition. Technically Kavanagh and Ford were also “unseen” SGC personnel who transferred to the Expedition)

  3. David Lovgren plays Darrell in “Bounty” and the Councilor in “Inquisition” as well as the Jaffa friend of Teal’c in his anti-brainwashing thing in Season 5.

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